Tuesday, March 24, 2015

To Side Boob or Not to Side Boob...That is the Question

Over the Weekend one of my dear friends had a beach day birthday getty and I was completely and utterly stressed about what to wear. I just started dieting and exercising again so I wasn't exactly swim suit ready. The morning of, I decided to cut a turtle neck bodycon dress that I have never worn and get in on the side boob trend. I figured it covered me up enough to the point of comfort, but sexy enough for the beach
Boyyyyy was I wrong lol! As much as I love it in the pics I was incredibly conscious about having a slip up/ wardrobe malfunction. Thank God I didn't Janet Jackson anyone but let's just say,  I'm going to leave the side boob to the skinny girls lol. Until we speak again.....


Thursday, March 12, 2015


I must tell you that I am absolutely head over heels in love with this sketch from Chic Sketch! It's a super cute fashion sketch app that hand draws a full-body image of you and it's quite addicting. Did I mention I got the sketch an hour after I got the app??! To add a cherry on top of this "Fashionista Sundae", their customer service is amazing!! I had a tiny issue with the first sketch and I received the new sketch along with an email to assure that it was of my liking in moments. Kuddos Chic Sketch, I am truly impressed.

I took to some of my own little amateur (extremely amateur) graphic design skills and added a few call out bubbles for just a few of the things I'm juggling right now lol. Enjoy and be sure to visit Chic Sketch ;)



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