Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Day Delivery: Blazing in my Blazer

So, I have recently developed an obsession with blazers and I am really excited about it. I mean, I've always worn them here and there but corporate chic after-hours is really starting to become my thing. They are so stylish and sleek. I can easily go from Professional Woman to Corporate Siren after work in a matter of minutes by simply removing an under shirt or adding a few accessories. The only draw back I have is the fit of this blazer. The key to a sexy blazer is tailoring and clearly this was not! A little bit too much cleavage and some fabric stress around the tummy area (no more cornmeal porridge) was not ideal. But for $4.50, you take what you can get!

I definitely will not be making that mistake again because I was conscious about the fit throughout the entire day.  I paired it with bell-bottom jeans by Joe's Jeans and some gliteery simplistic strappy heals, which I will never be wearing again. Can you say uncomfortable! It was almost impossible to hit the "Juju on the Beat" in them lol! But of course I made it work :) All in all, I felt "Christamssy" and blended in with most of the decor at my Mom's house. So I guess you can say it was a success.

I've got the Monday blues on a Tuesday due to our 3-day weekend, but no complaints.

Have a Terrific Tuesday Lovebugs!


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