Monday, June 15, 2015

Overwhelmed Much? 5 things that help me get it together!

For those of you all that personally know me, you might say I have a lot going on right now... maybe a little too much. But I've always been this way. I can recall times throughout college working full-time, taking 19 credits, making the Dean's List, volunteering, having a very active social life, and a boyfriend! I must have been out of my mind lol  But I find that I personally thrive while working on multiple projects at the same time. It motivates and energizes me! But every once in a while its only human to feel a bit overwhelmed. That's when I take a moment to reset, get all my ducks in a row and get back to business! Here's what works best for me:

1. Exercise
I am by no means a Gym Junkie or Fitness Guru. In fact, I actually hate exercising, or at least actually getting up to do it. I literally find every excuse in the world not to go but isn't that most of us? Butttttttt I can say when I do, I feel absolutely amazing! I feel charged and ask myself why did I make this so difficult in the first place? I now try to remind myself of that feeling  in order to motivate myself to actually go. Still a work a progress but definitely a top "de-stressor" and "resetter" for me.

2. Identify My Stress Triggers
Why on earth am I feeling stressed or overwhelmed in the first place?! Sometimes we can have feelings of anxiety and have no clue how and where to begin because we don't know exactly what's causing these feelings in the first place.  This has recently become one of my fav habits. I like to make a list of everything that I have to do, everything that can possibly be causing me stress and then record my progress. (What have I done so far and what still needs to get done to accomplish something on my list and remove a "stressor"?). Then prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

3. Say "NO"
This is not as simple as it sounds and probably one of the hardest things to do on this list (even more than exercise)! Understanding your limits, realizing when enough is enough and knowing when you're crossing over in the "too much to handle territory" can be tough. Even if you aren't overwhelmed , just learning when to say no simply because you don't want to do something. And you don't have to have a reason. Your reason can simply be, you don't want to. This was a major issue for me and still is. I can sometimes be a people pleaser and I hate letting others down. But in the end, everyone suffers and your contributing a whole lot of nothing to a bunch of things at once. Total chaos!

4. Keep Organized

I personally find that when things are  neat and organized around me, I feel more at ease. It can totally be a "mind over matter" thing but I am just better at tackling things in a clean/organized space. It provides a peace for me . Keep it mind that everyone's definition or perception of organized is different lol. So do what works for you.

5. Don't Be So Hard on Myself

Three of the key ingredients to a  recipe for a overwhelming disaster include expecting too much, taking on too much, and putting too much pressure on ourselves. I have soooooo done this my whole life. And the smallest mishap, mistake, or setback would completely throw me  off. Life is about learning, growing, and brushing things off. Stop taking it too, too serious. There is really no such thing as planning when it comes to the overall scheme of life. All you can do is prepare, work hard, and try your best. I know, I know...sounds like a fortune cookie or a bumber sticker statement but it's true. We are often times our worst critique. Take it easy on yourself...once in a while :)

Until Next Time Lovebugs,


Tax: No one owes you anything. Sometimes we are not overwhelmed at all, just simply all over the the place. Take a step back before you reset and assess what's really going on. I've had to do this as well.


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