Sunday, January 22, 2012

Greetings! :)

So For Starters... I am not and I repeat NOT in anyway shape or form a self-profound Fashionista or expert. I'm just a regular girl who loooooovvvveeeees fashion like the next chick. Well...maybe a little more :) I'm a full time Biology student and legal assistant with almost no free time and pray that I am able to keep up with this blog. But I think I'll just be keeping up with posts in my snooze worthy classes.  You wont catch me in the latest Hermes Berkin bag or Burburry coat anytime soon. A Lab coat and dissection kit is more my norm lol.  On any given day you can catch me in a tee and pair of cut offs or jeans. At 2AM I am usually not at the hottest event in town, but more than likely your local Dunkin' Donuts or Library getting my study on. But I do try to maintain a specimen of my ancient social life that has been somewhat lost in translation due to all this work! And anyone in the medical field or aspiring to be in it more than understands my pain. Keeping up with your appearance and grades feels almost impossible at times. In my world, one hour on my hair is deducted from one hour of study time.

So follow me on my journey as I attempt to balance my two worlds, while trying to be your most Fashionable Anesthetist in town! :)

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