Last month I got to experience a a new destination with a group of girls. We visited Belize to support one my one of my closest friends, Jamilah Curry, Hair Extraordinaire (no, really, she is actually a hairstylist to the stars and she's amazing). "Jam" as I call her, was actually launching her carnival band. If you are not familiar with carnival, you better ask somebody! lol. Anyways, it was a huge wise and perfect IG photo opps to match!

Here are a few fun and quirky facts about Belize accompany the photos. I am sure I'll be back. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our stay! Enjoy Lovebugs :)

1. Belize has around 900 Mayan sites.
2. The islands in Belize are called Cayes (pronounced “keys”) and total around 450 including those on the outer atolls.
3. Belize has the only Jaguar reserve in the world, otherwise known as Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.
4. Many Belizeans avoid swimming in the ocean or rivers on Good Friday; it is viewed as bad luck. Local Mothers can often be heard telling their kids they “will turn fish!” if they swim on this day!
5. Belizean folklore tells of a 3-foot tall, evil dwarf called El Duende. The thumb less dwarf is said to hang out in the forest and punish any children who kill animals!
6. Belize has its own version of Big Foot/Sasquatch, called El Sisimito. It is a large creature that has no knees, has its feet on backwards and likes human flesh!
7. Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language. However, you will still hear a mixture of Creole, Spanish, Garifuna and Mayan languages being spoken on the street.
8. The former capital Belize City was nearly completely destroyed by Hurricane Hattie in 1961! After hurricane Hattie, the capital city was moved to Belmopan. With just over 12,000 inhabitants Belmopan is the smallest capital city in the World!
9. The tallest building in Belize is a Mayan temple!10. There is no McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks or KFC in the entire country of Belize!!!
10. There is no McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks or KFC in the entire country of Belize!!!

So, I have recently developed an obsession with blazers and I am really excited about it. I mean, I've always worn them here and there but corporate chic after-hours is really starting to become my thing. They are so stylish and sleek. I can easily go from Professional Woman to Corporate Siren after work in a matter of minutes by simply removing an under shirt or adding a few accessories. The only draw back I have is the fit of this blazer. The key to a sexy blazer is tailoring and clearly this was not! A little bit too much cleavage and some fabric stress around the tummy area (no more cornmeal porridge) was not ideal. But for $4.50, you take what you can get!

I definitely will not be making that mistake again because I was conscious about the fit throughout the entire day.  I paired it with bell-bottom jeans by Joe's Jeans and some gliteery simplistic strappy heals, which I will never be wearing again. Can you say uncomfortable! It was almost impossible to hit the "Juju on the Beat" in them lol! But of course I made it work :) All in all, I felt "Christamssy" and blended in with most of the decor at my Mom's house. So I guess you can say it was a success.

I've got the Monday blues on a Tuesday due to our 3-day weekend, but no complaints.

Have a Terrific Tuesday Lovebugs!

Merry Belated Christmas/ Happy Boxing Day! This by far was one of my best Christmas' to date! Definitely one of the best since the passing of my Grandmother (Her birthday was on Christmas). I'm am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. Family goes through ups and down but I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Stay blessed, stay loved, and give thanks!


Christmas is right around the corner and who says you can't get litty! Are you sick of the cliche' holiday carols that we've been forced to endure since mid-October? Me too!

Well take a listen to my alternate Christmas Songs Playlist  that you might (Will!) enjoy. There are a few predictable ones on here, but I couldn't dare leave them off! Only a few more days to slay before the holidays because Christmas will be her in a jiffy! (Yes, I said jiffy...I am allowed to be a little corny on the holidays lol)
1. #1 Holiday by D.R.A.M 
Because this was just seriously unexpected and really showcases D.R.A.M's vocal range.  

 Image result for dram #1 holiday

2. Vybz Kartel- Come in like Christmas 
Because who said Christmas should be exempt from a good daggering session? Nothing pee-marital of course:)

Image result for vybz ft. sheba christmas

3. Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas
Let's not even pretend we could leave this off the playlist. Cliche' and Classic AF!

Image result for mariah carey all i want for christmas

4. Jacob ‘Killer’ Miller & Ray-I, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Dope... just Dope

5. Destiny's Child- 8 Days of Christmas
Because this had me going crazy in middle school! lol
Image result for destiny's child 8 day of christmas
6. Yellowman – Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto
I mean, Does he? 
Image result for Yellowman – Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto 

7.  Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Another Classic I couldn't let go of 

8. Frank Sinatra- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Possibly the most cliche' of all, but what's Christmas without Fankie Blue Eyes?

Image result for frank sinatra have yourself a merry little christmas

9. Bob Marley & the Wailers- Christmas is Here (Sound the Trumpet)
Musical Gold
Image result for the Wailers – Christmas Is Here (Sound The Trumpet)

10.  Jose Feliciano -Feliz Navidad
Because who didn't add bilingual to their resume' due to this classic growing up!

Image result for feliz navidad- jose feliciano


Before we get started, let's set the mood with this make-up free close-up...

Okay I think we're ready:

So I literally can't even when it comes to this topic. For those who know me personally, being hard on myself is a part of my genetic makeup. It is the way I have functioned my entire life. From my grades, hair, skin (!!!), my “timeline” of major life events, salary expectations, cars, homes, body, and the overall anxiety of being “successful” that drives me crazy!

I often times get uncomfortable when people compliment me on how well I’m doing and how much they believe I have accomplished because for a split second, I’m forced to acknowledge that I am not living in a state of gratitude. I am so focused on achieving my future goals that I don’t acknowledge all that I have accomplished in my life and I definitely don’t acknowledge the present. It’s basically onto the next one as I cross things off my list.

How is it fair that I let something needle me for months or even years until I achieve it and quickly forget about it as soon as I accomplish it?

 What’s the point? Why am I wam-bam-thank-you-mam’ing my dreams?! Why compile this internal brag list if I don’t even take a moment to bask in the glory of actually doing it! Reflection is key for future endeavors and it is imperative that we take the time to smell our effin accomplishments (I mean roses). So even if it is the smallest thing, make sure you are taking the time to be grateful and expressing this gratitude to yourself and others.

So what am I grateful for today?

  • I’m grateful  that I was able to make a coworker who was having a down day feel special.
  • Although I didn’t reach my weight loss goal of 15lbs, I am grateful  for the 3lbs I lost when I wasn’t even trying (1x for the Greek yogurt)!
  • I’m grateful my hair looks fabulous today (2x for @JamilahCurryHair)!
  • I’m super grateful for this free salad I just got.
  • I’m grateful for the new standing bar I purchased for my kitchen that looks dope as hell.
  • I’m forever grateful to my loved ones and the genuine love they surround me with…how did I become so blessed?!
  • I am grateful for the best news I received at 3AM this morning.

And I am grateful to you…Thank you for reading.


Sheeeeeeeesh! The title of this post alone was a bit much for me to write. But I wanted to be completely blunt with myself and you all of course.

Some of us are able to get up everyday and "maintain". As I have previously discussed, I am not one of those people. I am extremely goal-oriented and if I do not set daily, weekly, quarterly goals, etc; often times, nothing gets done. In 2015, I was the most driven I had ever been. I had a rigid set of goals and was able to strike every single one I had set for myself off  my list that year. Buttttttt  due to that rigidness, I  definitely went into siesta mode for all of 2016.

Now, in 2014 I had a lazy year/the most eye-opening year of my life. What a combo! lol  I realized things about myself that I had been oblivious to my whole life. But this...this complacency...this was completely different. It actually felt a bit scarier because it is a lot harder to catch. Laziness sticks out like a sore thumb and it's easy for myself and others around to call me out on. Complacency is a lot more low-key, and often times you are the only one who truly knows if you are being complacent or not. So this year I kind of just blew in the wind. Went to work, hung out with loved ones, traveled, bought a bunch of unnecessary things, paid bills, gained a bunch of weight from traveling (no complaints), but I honestly couldn't tell you anything I achieved for myself or others this year. Kind of just feels like a blur to be honest and that is soooooo not okay. I have never and will never be someone who is comfortable just letting life happen to me.

I'm not into New Year's resolutions but I did however write down and set my goals for the next 6 months. The most important thing is realizing what works for you. Writing things down and being somewhat rigid when it comes to certain things in my life is what works for me. And of course, everyone knows you cannot plan life but you can sure prepare the hell out of it!

So shout out to no longer just blowing in the wind for 2017 (except for this fab picture of course)!


PS- After deep thought I realized I did become A LOT more organized! Major feat for me 💃
I am generally a hot mess on Monday mornings and don't really realize the weekend is over until about Wednesday if I'm lucky. So I am always for looking for quick and easy eats so I don't starve to death once I get into grindmode.

So, I blame everyone in my circle for not expressing to me how amazing greek yogurt is! I know I'm several decades late but I am definitely about this Greek life. Not to mention, I accidentally lost 3lbs while snacking on this stuff all weekend. That's about all the confirmation I needed to make this a permanent staple in my diet. But if you're not convinced and want a bit more info, check out these other amazing benefits:

  • Protein Poppin'
  • Keeps your Pipes Regular 💩
  • Keeps you Fuller, Longer!
  • Low in Carbs ("Is butter a carb?" I'm sorry, I couldn't resist 😋)
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