Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gratitude is Gangsta

Before we get started, let's set the mood with this make-up free close-up...

Okay I think we're ready:

So I literally can't even when it comes to this topic. For those who know me personally, being hard on myself is a part of my genetic makeup. It is the way I have functioned my entire life. From my grades, hair, skin (!!!), my “timeline” of major life events, salary expectations, cars, homes, body, and the overall anxiety of being “successful” that drives me crazy!

I often times get uncomfortable when people compliment me on how well I’m doing and how much they believe I have accomplished because for a split second, I’m forced to acknowledge that I am not living in a state of gratitude. I am so focused on achieving my future goals that I don’t acknowledge all that I have accomplished in my life and I definitely don’t acknowledge the present. It’s basically onto the next one as I cross things off my list.

How is it fair that I let something needle me for months or even years until I achieve it and quickly forget about it as soon as I accomplish it?

 What’s the point? Why am I wam-bam-thank-you-mam’ing my dreams?! Why compile this internal brag list if I don’t even take a moment to bask in the glory of actually doing it! Reflection is key for future endeavors and it is imperative that we take the time to smell our effin accomplishments (I mean roses). So even if it is the smallest thing, make sure you are taking the time to be grateful and expressing this gratitude to yourself and others.

So what am I grateful for today?

  • I’m grateful  that I was able to make a coworker who was having a down day feel special.
  • Although I didn’t reach my weight loss goal of 15lbs, I am grateful  for the 3lbs I lost when I wasn’t even trying (1x for the Greek yogurt)!
  • I’m grateful my hair looks fabulous today (2x for @JamilahCurryHair)!
  • I’m super grateful for this free salad I just got.
  • I’m grateful for the new standing bar I purchased for my kitchen that looks dope as hell.
  • I’m forever grateful to my loved ones and the genuine love they surround me with…how did I become so blessed?!
  • I am grateful for the best news I received at 3AM this morning.

And I am grateful to you…Thank you for reading.



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