Monday, December 12, 2016

Manic Mondays: Meal Edition

I am generally a hot mess on Monday mornings and don't really realize the weekend is over until about Wednesday if I'm lucky. So I am always for looking for quick and easy eats so I don't starve to death once I get into grindmode.

So, I blame everyone in my circle for not expressing to me how amazing greek yogurt is! I know I'm several decades late but I am definitely about this Greek life. Not to mention, I accidentally lost 3lbs while snacking on this stuff all weekend. That's about all the confirmation I needed to make this a permanent staple in my diet. But if you're not convinced and want a bit more info, check out these other amazing benefits:

  • Protein Poppin'
  • Keeps your Pipes Regular 💩
  • Keeps you Fuller, Longer!
  • Low in Carbs ("Is butter a carb?" I'm sorry, I couldn't resist 😋)

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